I found a bunch of relationship tips online that I figured I would post plus the new 50 shades kissing scene is hot so I figured it would go well with it and why not I hope u guys like them/find them useful!!

10 Things Guys HATE in bed
10 Sex Secrets All Guys Should Know (tbh I agree with most)
The best and worst sleeping positions 
HILARIOUS Sex myths (I’m pretty sure they’re all wrong)
Men vs. Women
Biggest dating fails
Single girl vs. Relationship girl
10 Signs hes bad in bed
Sexting tips
What age celebrities lost their virginity (not a tip but omfg i had to include)
Why girls love one night stands
10 Secrets guys don’t want you to know about dating
The wildest places to have sex
Why break up sex is the best
Weird facts about orgasms
Problems with relationships (makes me feel better lmao)
Sex in other countries (again not a tip but HAHAHA)

Okay thats all for now. I hope you guys like them and lemme know if there anything else I can do bc bored xx

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